Veterans Health Care Bill of Rights
To Force the Government to Keep Its Promises to America’s Sick and Wounded Veterans A Project of Veterans in Defense of Liberty

U.S. Citizens Petition

To The Attention of: U.S. Senators And Representatives

WHEREAS: More than a year after VA managers were implicated in the 2014 “secret waiting list” scandal in the VA hospital system, the Department of Veterans Affairs Inspector General admitted that more than 300,000 veterans likely died waiting to be added to government-run VA health care; and

WHEREAS: Two years after the media started reporting on deadly VA waiting lists, a March 2016 Government Accountability Office study found that veterans seeking primary care through the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) are still waiting anywhere from 22 to 71 days to see a doctor; and

WHEREAS: The Veterans Choice plan set up by Congress for veterans to bypass the VA bureaucracy in favor of private-doctor care is set to expire in 2017.

THEREFORE: The signatory and voting resident of my state named below endorses and demands your support for provisions of the Veterans Health Care Bill of Rights to include:

  • Superior medical treatment for veterans – with the same health care government workers get – instead of VA policies that delay, deny and ration veterans’ health care;
  • Legislation (S. 1991) pending in the U.S. Senate to make Veterans Choice permanent and available to all veterans without restrictions;
  • The Department of Veterans Affairs Accountability Act (S. 1082) to reform civil service rules that put the job security of incompetent VA bureaucrats before the safety of veterans; and
  • Public exposure of the corrupt, incompetent VA government bureaucracy.


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