2018 National Survey On The Obstruction, Subversion, And Impeachment Of President Trump

8) There is growing evidence that a number of top ranking Justice Department and FBI officials were motivated to investigate candidate Trump, and now President Trump, by their own personal hatred for him, his supporters, and conservative policies. There is also evidence that the FBI used a phony foreign made document (the Steele Dossier) bought and paid for by the Clinton campaign to obtain a FISA warrant to eavesdrop and surveil Trump campaign aides.

9) There are serious questions about the integrity and objectivity of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s legal team. Many have strong ties to Hillary Clinton and the Democrats. Special Counsel Mueller is himself a close personal friend of the chief accuser against the President, James Comey.

10) Led by demands from liberal Democrats and establishment Republicans, Congressional investigations into the Trump 2016 election team and Trump Administration have been going on now for over a year. Yet, no evidence of collusion or wrong doing has yet been found.


Petition to the Republican Leadership of the 115th Congress of the United States of America

To: The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Paul Ryan
      The Majority Leader of the United States Senate, Mitch McConnell

Whereas, Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, the Obama/Clinton deep state, the fake news media, the liberal Democrats, the radical Left, and so-called "moderate" members of the Republican Party, are determined to destroy the President, undo the 2016 elections, tear up the Constitution and transform America into a socialist state by any means necessary;

Whereas, there is NO evidence whatsoever that the President and or his close aides have committed any crime or ethical offense;

Whereas, it appears more and more likely the entire case against President Trump was contrived by the Clinton Presidential campaign, the Obama Administration, and rogue members of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI);

Whereas, if the radical Left, their allies in the media, the deep state government, and the Democrat party prevail, our Republic and America as we know it will cease to exist;

Whereas, you have the power to defend the President and put down this coup by refusing to appease and/or surrender to the demands of the liberals and radical Left;

Therefore, I hereby join with likeminded American patriots to urge you to end your silence and stand up against the dishonest, disloyal coup being waged in Washington against the President, our Constitution, and our republic.