1. As a candidate for President, Donald Trump strongly expressed his deep concerns about the readiness, effectiveness and morale of the United States Armed Forces after eight years of cuts under President Barack Obama. He is now moving quickly as President to rebuild and rearm our military.

Do you agree with President Trump that this is and should be a top priority of his Administration?

2. Liberal Democrats and establishment Republicans have attacked President Trump’s proposal for an immediate 10 percent increase in the United States defense spending.

Do you support the President’s defense budget?

3. Under President Ronald Reagan our nuclear arsenal consisted of roughly 24,000 nuclear warheads. We are now down to 7,260, only 1,367 of which are active.

Do you support President Trump’s proposal to increase spending on the modernization and upgrading of our nuclear forces?

4. In a promise he made to Russian President Vladimir Putin, Barack Obama canceled a planned missile defense system in Eastern Europe and has vastly scaled back our own missile defense capabilities. The liberals believe this was the right thing to do. President Trump believes it has left us dangerously vulnerable to a nuclear attack from Russia, China and even North Korea or Iran.

Do you agree with President Trump that it is time to reverse this policy and deploy missile defense systems to protect our allies, our military and our homeland?

5. President Trump has condemned the Obama policy that shrunk the size of the U.S. Army to 440,000 soldiers, the lowest number since the attack on Pearl Harbor, and vowed to quickly reverse it.

Would you support President Trump and demand an increase in the number of combat-ready U.S. Army soldiers to back above 500,000?

6. The Air Force has declined in both number of aircraft and aircraft quality under Barack Obama. President Trump is calling for an increase in our warplanes and for upgrades in their capabilities.

Do you support the President’s upgrades to the Air Force?

7. The Navy now has only 284 ships, nearly 100 short of what is needed to be ready for a major war. Most experts believe we need at least 350 to meet our worldwide defense needs. President Trump agrees, declaring that “Our Navy is now the smallest it’s been since, believe or not, World War I. Don’t worry. It’s going to soon be the largest it’s been.”

Would you support an immediate increase in our fleet of ships from 284 to 350?

8. President Trump has proposed increasing our fleet of aircraft carriers from 10 to 12.

Do you support the President’s proposal to add two more aircraft carriers?

9. The number of Marines has been slashed by 20,000 in just last year alone, down to 182,000 from 202,000. Would you support an increase ordered by President Trump to restore the number of Marines back to over 200,000?

10. Few Americans realize it but we no longer have the ability to launch our own astronauts into space. Fewer still realize that we must now pay Putin and the Russians to take Americans into space – and that China hopes to land men on the moon within the next decade. President Trump has proposed increasing spending on a new and powerful rocket (the “Space Launch System”) that can once again make America the dominant power in space.

Do you support the President’s drive to restore our dominance in space?

11. Long before they “hacked” Hillary Clinton, the Russians were waging cyberwarfare on the United States. So have the Chinese, the North Koreans and Iran. President Trump has rightly said that this is the real problem and not the alleged Russian interference in our elections. He has also declared his determination to make America second to none in cyberwarfare.

The President has made clear “We should be better than anybody else (in cyberwarfare)”. Do you agree it’s time for America to increase funding for cyberwarfare?

12. Which of the following foreign threats do you believe pose a clear and present danger to America today?

(Please check all you think apply).

13. Former President Barack Obama’s Pentagon bureaucrats enacted anti-Christian policies that greatly restricted the religious liberty of our men and women in uniform. President Trump has repeatedly stood up for religious freedom in all aspects of American life, including the military.

Do you support rescinding these restrictions and restoring the rights of our service men and women to express their faith while in uniform?

14. President Trump has proposed cutting foreign aid and money to the NATO alliance, saying that it is time these countries provided more for their own defense.

Do you agree with the President that the time has come to cut foreign aid to and U.S. funding of NATO?

15. The President has declared he will not tolerate lack of immediate progress in improving the broken Veterans Affairs Department (VA).

Do you agree with the President that fixing the corrupt and incompetent VA must be done NOW and without any further delay?

16. President Trump has proposed a permanent health care choice plan that will improve the current system and eventually allow Veterans to permanently use private healthcare facilities should they choose.

Do you support the President’s goal of permanently increasing the health care freedom and choices for Veterans?

17. President Trump has proposed increasing the VA’s budget and holding incompetent VA Administrators and caregivers responsible for corruption and poor treatment that far too often results in the deaths of Veterans.

Do you support the President’s proposal to hold corrupt and incompetent VA bureaucrats accountable?

18. Does it anger you that Members of Congress, federal bureaucrats (many of them Obama holdovers) and the liberal media are fighting to prevent the President’s defense build-up and VA reforms?

19. *OPTIONAL* Please add any additional thoughts, concerns, or opinions you have on the state of readiness of our Armed Forces and on efforts being made to reform the VA, and President Trump’s determination to solve both problems.

Pro-Trump/Pro-Veterans Call To Action

To The Republican And Democratic Leadership Of The 115th Congress

I, the undersigned friend and supporter of America's Veterans, do hereby declare my support for their demands that you work with, and not against, President Donald Trump as he seeks to rebuild and rearm our military after 8 years of devastating cuts and liberal "social engineering" policies under President Obama. The readiness, effectiveness, quality and morale of our Armed Forces was seriously harmed during these years and urgent action is needed now to repair this damage.

Veterans understand better than most the need to increase defense spending across the board and to once again provide our men and women in uniform with the best equipment of any Armed Forces on earth . . . and I stand with them in this crucial national security effort.

It is also long past time that Congress act to repair the broken and corrupt Veterans Affairs Department. Veterans are being neglected and even dying due to gross incompetence and corruption at the VA and the time has come to say enough is enough! The time has come for you in Congress to work with the President to x the VA and give our Veterans the care and respect they have earned and deserve!

I will be watching very carefully to see how you and your respected Party Members act (or fail to act) on these urgent and pressing problems with regards to our national security and the men and women who defend it.